Our Team

Dr. Shanthi Ranganathan
Founder, Trustee

Dr.Shanthi Ranganathan started TTK Hospital in 1980 when the concept of addiction as a treatable disease was relatively unknown in India.

Ms. Maya Varadarajan

Ms.Maya has been involved in the functioning of the hospital from the Nascent stage and coordinated the After Care Centre. She currently heads the TTK Hospital.

Ms. Soumya Shankar Raman
Head Therapy and Operations

Currently leads the therapy team and overall administration at TTK Hospital and works towards constantly evolving the treatment modalities and new initiatives.

Dr Siva Subramaniyan
Senior Medical Officer

DR Shiva, Senior Medical Officer. Working in TTK since June 2006. He is into Family Practice since 1978.

Ms. Jacqueline Allenby David

Ms Jacqueline is specialized in prevention of substance abuse at workplace.

Ms Sheeba Williams
Senior Counsellor

Ms. Sheeba has 23 years of experience at TTK working with individuals, expertise in school awareness programs. Currently she mentors students undergoing internship at TTK hospital.

Ms. A. Metilda

Metilda currently works with domestic workers, school children and as a de-addiction counselor, facilitating training and therapy sessions.

Mr. J. Murali

Mr. Murali has 10 years of experience as a counsellor working with patients and affected family members in the field of addiction. He has worked extensively in conducting rural camps in and around Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. He has also extensively worked in projects related to drug demand reduction in communitie, school and colleges.

Ms C Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi, has Master's in Philosophy in Psychology. She has been working with TTK Hospital since 2021. She counsels patients and their families, conducts re-educative sessions and Group Therapy.  She has a vast experience as an intake counsellor too. She also conducts training program and awareness program at TTK Hospital.

Ms. T. Mary Helen

Ms. Mary Helen has seven and a half years of experience in the field of Mental Health and addiction. She is experienced in facilitating awareness programs across various sectors.

Ms. M. Valli

Ms. Valli has a Masters in Psychology. She has 7 years of experience in working with individuals with various issues, psychometric assessments, patients and their family members. She has worked in conducting awareness camps and programs on addiction in communities and schools.

Ms. Poonkodi. T

Ms. Poonkodi has a post graduate degree in Social Work with Medical and Psychiatry as Specialization. She has a year of experience in teaching and her area of interest includes Mental health and De-addiction.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar

Mr. Mukesh has 7 years of experience in the field of addiction. Also has an experience in working with juvenile's addiction. He has undergone Universal training curriculum and CHILD (DRUG ABUSE) curriculum.

Mr. Avinash. C

Mr. Avinash has completed his Master of Social Work in medical and psychiatry and has a keen interest in Addictions and Mental health. He is currently employed as a de-addiction counsellor at TTK Hospital.

Dr. R. Jayachandiran
Medical officer

Dr R. Jayachandiran is a Certified Diabetologist & confident Physician with an experience of 10 yrs in Medical practice and in Critical care units in Govt and Pvt hospitals.

Dr. S. Janani
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Janani has completed Psychiatric Medicine from CMC, Vellore and has been into practice since 2010.

Ms. P.P.Shantha kumari

Ms. P. P. Shantha kumari has done her Master's degree in psychology. She has eight plus years of experience in providing psychological counseling and training to various age groups. She is also a life skill trainer experienced in dealing with adolescents in various issues like academic problems, behavioral and emotional setbacks.

Ms. Shalini John

Shalini John, has Masters in Philosophy in Clinical Social work, with 8 years of experience providing individuals, family, and addiction counselling.

Mr. Solomon John
Project coordinator

Solomon has 10 years of experience in the field of community development and managing projects, currently working as a project coordinator at TTK hospital.

Mr. Arockiyah Akash

Mr. Arockiyah Akash has completed his Master’s degree in Social Work, specialized in Medical and Psychiatry. He possesses a year experience in Life Skills, Student Management and has also handled Value Education classes. A dynamic, empathetic individual, with a skill set dedicated to promote mental well-being, better human relationships, create awareness and providing interventions for people in need, bridging gaps, his area of interest thoroughly focuses on Mental Health. He is currently employed as a De-addiction Counsellor at TTK Hospital.

Ms. Sophia

Ms. Sophia is a Counselling Psychologist who has completed her Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is very passionate about mental health and promoting awareness in India. She had been providing counselling and therapy sessions for both individuals and couples. She is currently working as a counsellor at TTK Hospital.

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