Tele Counselling

Tele Counselling


COVID-19 pandemic situation has affected us globally, we quickly realized that amidst the lockdown, people around the country need mental health counselling and addiction related consultation services. In fact, these situations demand the need for immediate Intervention. Foreseeing this need during the pandemic, T T Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation (TTK Hospital) initiated an Online Psychotherapy Intervention for treatment and care of Substance users.


TTK Hospital Online Intervention helped over Hundreds of substance abusers. Addiction Treatment (Prevention & Intervention) has been made possible through telephones and online platforms. Treating substance dependents who underwent withdrawals due to unavailability of alcohol and other substances of abuse and reaching out to people who are distressed by drug and alcohol abuse.


TTK Hospital came forward to offer Tele counseling services and it was advertised on News channels, News Papers and Social media platforms. Help Desk Numbers were circulated as well.


Main focus was on addressing the different aspects of addiction related issues. Priority was handling their Withdrawals. Sensing their negative feelings like fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, loneliness and embarrassment, patients were counselled to handle their cravings and emotions.


Supportive therapy was rendered to family members who are victimized because of the addiction issues in the family.

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