Family Programme

Understanding Addiction and Impact on the Family

Why is family therapy important

  • Addiction affects the family as much as the addict – they too need help.
  • Families often develop a dysfunctional pattern of behaviour – they are unable to recover without active intervention.
  • Families can facilitate the recovery process – they need to be sensitized.
  • Families can and must change irrespective of the addict’s recovery – they need to be empowered to go beyond merely coping with the problem.

The objective of the Family Programme

  • To provide information about addiction and its impact on the family
  • To help provide a safe environment to express their feelings and resolve their problems
  • To recognize their dysfunctional traits and change
  • To understand recovery as a process and extend the right support to the recovering person

Family Therapy Components

  • Reflection on a thought for the day – to introduce the concept
  • Lecture sessions – to provide information about addiction and family recovery
  • Group therapy – to discuss issues and resolve problems in a group
  • Individual counseling sessions – to develop an individual recovery plan
  • Family support group meetings – to work on recovery on a long term basis

Family Therapy helps family members to

  • Improve level of self care
  • Fulfil one’s own responsibilities
  • Establish meaningful relationships with family and others
  • Develop spiritual strength
  • Feel valued and worthwhile irrespective of the patient’s recovery
  • Work on their own recovery which can eventually influence patient’s recovery from addiction
  • Provide appropriate kind of support to the patient


No. The Family Programme is not scheduled on Sundays.

The entire duration for Family Programme is 2 weeks.

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