Internship is an integral part of Social work education. TTK Hospital offers this opportunity to spread knowledge, allow the interns to learn, and explore our organization as a whole. Interns are usually Post graduate students of Social work, Counselling and Psychology. Most internships last for a month (three to four weeks) Internships are usually part-time if offered during a university semester and full-time if offered during the vacation.


“Share Knowledge always”our dear Shanthi mam’s golden words. We have catered to 248 students (2001 – 2019). Internship placements at TTK Hospital are tailored to every student’s career goals and professional aspirations.


Key advantages on interning at TTK Hospital:

  1. Interns are given Exposure to our entire Psychotherapy Program.
  2. Helps Students develop their skills in the De-Addiction field.
  3. Opportunity to connect and integrate social work theory and practice in real world settings.
  4. Hone their competencies required for professional practice
  5. On completion of their internships, the students are awarded with a certificate.


Testimonials :

My experience in TTK- I had the privilege of working in TTK as an intern during my prime years of learning. I was exposed to a regime of treatment in relation to alcohol related disorders. It was an enriching experience which I’m sure is unlikely to be found in any other health care setting, as in TTK the patients meticulously undergo counselling sessions and cognitive behavioural training programs. An additional learning apart from clinical aspects of ADS, was through the opportunity to interact with the patients’ family members. It is likely to be the best source of learning to understand the psychosocial factors that contribute to the initiation and maintenance as well as relapse prevention factors in a social setting. Lastly, what made my learning experience holistic was the readiness of the counsellors there who were warm and approachable and added more value to an already meaningful experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person in TTK who helped me through this journey. Hope the lives you touch keep growing with many more years! (Sandhiya)


JOURNEY AS AN INTERN IN TTK– Entering the steps of TTK is a dream for every student from social work / psychology background. It is a great privilege to be placed in this institution and meet most renowned people. This Block placement has given me a great platform to explore and discover some unseen realm. I could learn, experience and practically visualise all the theoretical and practical knowledge which I invested for 2 whole years in a classroom inside the remarkable campus of TTK. The training period has given me an opportunity to understand the work ethics of counselling and more about de-addiction settings. The gained knowledge and skills through the counsellors is something someone cannot afford to. It has helped me to witness and encounter a pre-work scenario. It gives immense happiness for all the guidance provided throughout the internship. New Experiences and understanding of real life situations is also a gift. The training has motivated me not to quit learning and also thrive to learn more and to become a well-equipped professional. (Regilda Arul Merlin S, MSW – Stella Maris College)

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