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Hospital Based Treatment for Community Supported Recovery

TT Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation has been conducting free treatment camps in six locations in Tamil Nadu since 1989.

The Objective

  • Providing treatment at the doorsteps of the villagers, tailoring it to suit their needs.
  • Creating awareness about the problems associated with drinking and transforming the community into an enabling force to combat alcoholism.

Key issues in organising camp programmes

Identifying alcoholics living in one specific area through multiple entry points – Recovering patients of earlier camps, teachers, health workers, animators and relatives.


  • Treating physical problems associated with alcoholism – Medical support
  • Strengthening belief in a higher power – Prayer
  • Providing basic information about alcoholism – Re-educative lectures
  • Helping patients share the damage caused – Group Therapy
  • Guiding patients to develop short-term& long-term goals – Counseling
  • Strengthening motivation by providing tips to stay sober – Sharing information by recovering alcoholics
  • With minimal infrastructure quality care can be provided in villages at low costs.
  • Help is available at their doorstep and people are willing to accept it.
  • Therapy and treatment procedures are made relevant even to the illiterate villagers, hence it is appealing.
  • Disulfiram acts as a powerful support.
  • The entire community is involved in the process. Responsibility of managing alcohol problem is shared between the professionals and the community, leading to `doing with’ rather than ‘doing for’.
  • Community understands the process of alcoholism and recovery and are empathetic and willing to support treated patients during recovery.
  • Organizing regular follow-up programmes
  • Organizing celebration of sobriety birthdays to encourage efforts
  • Conducting awareness programmes in the community
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