The Extended Care Programme

The Extended Care Programme

The Extended Care Programme (ECP) treats patients with multiple drug use coupled with alcohol abuse and repeated relapses. Drug dependents and alcoholics with minimal family support need extended care. ECP caters to this group. Patients identified as requiring extended care are encouraged to attend this programme after the primary treatment or after relapse.

ECP has 20 beds and a team of qualified professionals, deeply committed to the mission, work to provide quality physical & psychological treatment and care.

Treatment Plan

Psychological therapy provided to patients includes individual counseling, re-educative lecture sessions, group therapy and therapeutic activities. This is done with a focus on:

  • Addiction related damages
  • Identifying relapse triggers and strengthening coping strategies
  • Initiating life skills development
  • Assisting in recognizing negative emotions and in dealing with them appropriately
  • Facilitating involvement in healthy recreational activities
  • Strengthening family and other social support


Follow-up is an integral part of the treatment and it is maintained for a period of five years. Patients are encouraged to meet the doctor and their counselors regularly to seek medical advice and report on their progress.


No. Food expenses & medicine expenses are extra.

Extended Care Programme is conducted within the TTK Hospital premises.

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