Training Programmes

A Wide Range of Training Programmes

TTK Hospital offers a range of training programmes that cater to the needs of various groups. The programmes include:

  • The ‘International Certified Addiction Counsellors’ course offered in collaboration with Colombo Plan
  • TTK Hospital has been functioning as the State Level Coordinating Agency (SLCA) South-I of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJE), Government of India since 2000. Government supported addiction treatment centres (known as Integrated Rehabilitative Centre for Addicts – IRCA) in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Andaman & Nicobar Island, a total of 51 IRCA’s are mentored by SLCA SOUTH-I. Training programmes ranging from five days, one month, onsite training programmes and teleconferences are conducted on a regular basis for these IRCA’s
    staff as per the directions from NISD, MSJE.
  • In house training programmes of varying durations.

TTK Hospital conducts three kinds of in house training programmes:

  • Sensitization programmes to present basic information about addiction and intervention.
  • Training on addiction treatment issues.
  • Placement programme wherein participants can observe and learn about various addiction treatment components in detail.

Training is conducted in the TTK Hospital premises in an air conditioned training hall by senior counselors with hands on experience in addiction treatment.

Sensitization programme

  • Duration: Half a day
  • Target group : Students of medicines, nursing, social work, psychology, clergymen and field staff of community based organizations
  • Topics covered (chosen as per need) : Information about alcohol and drug use, disease concept of addiction / substance dependence, early identification and intervention, impact on family and children, prevention strategies and components of addiction treatment programmes.

Placement programmes

Individuals aspiring to work in the field of addiction treatment and those who are already working in the field, can request for placement at TTK Hospital. They will observe the programme and work under the supervision of the physician or counselor to understand the theoretical as well as other aspects of managing an addiction treatment centre.

Placement programmes of two weeks and one month duration are offered. Trainees will however not be permitted to handle counseling or group sessions independently.


The duration for treatment on addition treatment issues are five days, ten days and one month.
Topics are selected based on the need of the participants. Some of the oft repeated topics are: Disease concept of addiction, family related issues, prevention of alcohol and drug use, work place prevention, counseling and group therapy, medical aspects related to addiction treatment, developing qualitative addiction treatment programmes, documentation and record keeping.

The cost has to be decided based on aspects covered.

Practitioners who are currently working in the field of addiction treatment such as doctors, social workers, psychologists as well as others.
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